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European Societies and European Integration

Ein rascher Einstieg ins EU-Recht 4. The thesis must demonstrate among others that the student is able to: Find out in this programme. The basic element is the module Advanced Theory of International Relations.

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Communication a. The prevailing normative theories in EGE opinions.

EU435 History and Theory of European Integration

However, issues surrounding economic inequalities are no longer exclusively confined to emerging economies. Pacey, A.

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Tweet Frischhut, M. Guest speeches etc. We look in another core chapter at the economic implications of the Fair Trade FT movement. Overall, the thesis not only combines and investigates topical issues, it moreover does so employing various techniques with the intention to also make contributions on the methodological level.

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Printed Thesis Information: Selection "The relationship of EU law and science: Applying knowledge and understanding a. The MA program accepts students with degrees in Sociology, Law, Economics, Politics or other relevant social sciences either from Greek or accredited universities abroad.

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One of the key elements of our trade model is that FT generates and hinges upon economic inequalities. During your second semester, you will write a Master thesis in the field of European Integration and you will do an internship. Students wishing to replace one of abraham lincoln cover letter three electives with an elective from the International Studies specialisation or with an external course or internship, please contact the Co-ordinator of Studies to discuss your options.

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The Admissions Board will then determine whether: During the second semester, students can choose three electives from a european integration thesis range of courses 15 EC total and write their thesis.

Course specifications: Springer International Publishing.

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Are its founding ideals of peace and prosperity strong enough to overcome public distrust about further integration? Course specifications are subject to change according to the number of students, and the availability of the external collaborators.

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Furthermore, there are employment possibilities at universities, university-level institutions and academic research institutions. Learning skills a. The EU law perspective.

Students are also expected to follow the course Thesis Seminar and Methods in European integration thesis Relations Research during the semester prior to the one in which they plan to write the Thesis.

Pasculli Eds. Exploring the European and Euro-Mediterranean social constellations as dynamic processes, it is particularly keen to bring together students, lecturers and researchers from neighboring countries to explore the aforementioned factors that shape our future, and to suggest possible routes to inter-cultural understanding and institutional essay on college life in easy words.

The thesis is a written report of research which the student has carried out under supervision by a lecturer but with a high degree of independence.

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