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Essay on dog for class 3rd.

Long and Short Essay on Dog in English

He is so much faithful and obedient. It removes loneliness of the people by providing a friendly companion.

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  2. It eats many things like meat, fish, milk, vegetables, rice and etc.
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Conclusion I love spending time with Barney. The place, where dog essay on dog for class 3rd at home, is called as kennel. People who have pet sheep they must have a dog as they are instrumental to look after the sheep. I have a pet dog.

Essay on My Pet Dog for All Class in English for Students and Kids

He is still prepared to die rather than allow any harm to come to his master. It barks when it sees a stranger. How to write a narrative essay step by step pdf Alsatians look very dangerous. Though everyone in the family takes care of Swigi, my sister is especially particular about its cleanliness, vaccinations and eating habits. They decided to go for a Doberman as it is a fearless, brave and sturdy dog.

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Essay on My Pet Dog words I have a dog. They are considered as the first animal ever to be domesticated by the human. It also played with me.

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My mother just laughed and dismissed my request with a pat on my cheek. Each day seems exciting and fun in its company.

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There are different types of dogs like different in color and size. Here is how my Buddy looks like and behaves: It barks at the sound of any hustle near the home especially at night.

Essay on Dog for Children and Students

It has a bushy tail. It is very watchful animal and can catch strangers, thieves and criminals even they hide anywhere. My parents also love him. We take good care of Barney and always love best cover letter for ibm it in different activities. It can led policemen to the places where murders have taken place.

It is then that I decided to bring home a pet dog.

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They can eat meat, vegetables, biscuits, milk and other things prepared as food especially for dogs. It has very sharp teeth in order to tear and eat meat even bones. Owing to this nature, Doberman dogs are also preferred in police and military services all around the world.

Jack has been with us for the last nine months. It became a part of my family even before I was born.

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It starts barking very loudly whenever any stranger approaches the house. It was a beautiful house that was well-suited for a family of two.

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With heavy heart, we gave him to one of our neighbours who gladly took it home. The dog never allows any wolf or fox to come near the sheep and harm them. They have four legs; it has two cute eyes, it has two ears, sharp teeth and a small tail on the back.

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It shows affection towards the owner by wagging its tail and licking hand or face of owner. It follows me wherever I go. We harvard style essay sample to a nearby pet shop and my heart went drooling over this 2 months harvard style essay sample German shepherd who was sleeping peacefully in a small cage.

Essay on My Pet Dog for All Class in English for Students and Kids

Buddy is the lifeline of our family. Its teeth are very sharp which help him in tearing meat. I looked around for its master but could not find anyone. It does so as it has very powerful sense of hearing and smelling. They help them to runs very fast.

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Some dogs, who are not pet, roam here and there on the street called as unpet or street dogs. People keep it as a symbol of dignity.

Essay on Dog (150 to 200 words)

Though my grandparents live with us, they are old and taking care of a pet would have been too much to themed restaurants thesis from them. Since, Doberman require exercise every day, she took it for walk twice every day. It is very watchful animal provides its duties very faithfully. Not only is me, each of my family member fond of it.

Essay on My Pet Dog for Children and Students

Dog Essay 5 words Scientific name of a dog is Canis lupus familiaris. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears, and a long tail. I love him a lot. It becomes alert all time whether day or night to offer its services to the owner. They are really a very helpful pet animal.

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Domestic dogs live in family as a family themed restaurants thesis as they get attached heartily with everyone very soon because of its loyal jobs. I love him so much.

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Usually, it eats fish, meat, milk, rice, bread and etc. The lifespan of a dog can be 12 to 15 years long. Dogs are found everywhere in the world.

Essay on dog for class 3rd