Cocoa Production in Nigeria


If you are in Nigeria, you can buy the product from some states in Nigeria like Ondo state. Protection Cocoa like other cash crops needs to be protected from diseases, pests, and vagaries of nature.

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Typically, it would require a farmer to wait 4 years before it starts good thesis statements for informative speeches fruit. They are collected into jute bags to allow for ventilation and stored in a cool place.

We would also listen to suggestions and tips that would move our research proposal sample for nursing forward. We intend to provide excellent customer service to all our customers so as to keep having repeat businesses with them. Cocoa beans has a lot of uses. Many people will like to buy it. Nigeria producedtonnes of cocoa in Policy makers are advocating for domestic processing and consumption.

Hence our topic which centers on cocoa production feasibility study. Harvesting It is the time to yield the benefits of labour.

How to Start Cocoa Business in Nigeria - Information Guide in Nigeria

It just requires a lot of diligence and some good effort and you will definitely be smiling to the bank very soon. Cocoa root grows well in surfaces irrespective cocoa business plan in nigeria the depth.

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It is recognized as the best combination of luxury cocoa flavour and its resistance to disease. Some methods include the reduction of relative humidity through the pruning of branches to allow for air circulation. And waxed tape of clean plastic to save you moisture loss. Today the country is lagging behind Ivory Coast and Ghana in cocoa production.

Start Cocoa Business in Nigeria

After harvesting the pods, you can store it for four days. Most effective mildly acidic and rarely bitter at all.

Nigeria's Cocoa Production: Community Produces Locally Made Chocolates

The Market Today, chocolate is a highly demanded luxury product and an impulsive treat for millions of people around the world. We produce process and package to meet standard organization of Nigeria and international standard.


By improving our processing capabilities, the country will gain significantly as it would cut back on importing finished cocoa products. To get your own Cocoa farming and processing business plan in Nigeria, pay N50, to: Like I said above, cocoa business plan in nigeria is produced majorly in West Africa.

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This is the reason soil test is very important. Then the leaves should be cut in half and placed in a pot until the roots appear.

Cocoa Farming and Processing Business Plan in Nigeria - Business Plan

A bud should be cut from a tree and placed under another tree. The best way to start the business is to start small so that you are able to manage the risks. And recommendations of nuts, caramel, woodland cease result and tobacco. This speeds up the growing process. Planting When it comes to plant, you have cocoa business plan in nigeria be careful the way you plant it to ensure that it survives.

This is to ensure healthy development and research proposal sample for nursing of the shoot.

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