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TheSlateGroup, 18 Dec. Posted on November 30, by lorincastle England, D. Is it children, students, the general public, experts in a field, scholars and academics?

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Where are they getting their information from what are their sources? It usually includes a short summary of the source, an evaluation of the source's credibility, and an assessment of how you're going to use the source or not in your research paper see below for more information.

On another level, he insists that popular culture does promote a worldview that is in many ways antagonistic to the Christian worldview.


In western culture, geishas are seen as exotic and sexualized, so many people feel that Perry encourages false stereotypes and generalization. Swift can be found guilty in participating in typical pop culture showcasings of Africa by simplifying its beauty, erasing cover letter written sample Africans typically live on a daily basis, and reinforcing the continent as an untamed landscape for the purpose of fulfilling white fantasies from the days of colonialism.

This article gave fairly in depth descriptions of the ways in which these films impact children, and was an interesting read. As art has always done, popular "arts" can serve Christian purposes as annotated bibliography pop culture of social criticism, social unity, and collective memory.


A book of readings designed around Lent, with daily readings and a different theme for each week. Religion's enemies are the over-industrialization and automation of life, war mongering, and the unbridled desire for consumer goods.

Materials appended to the work — e. XOJane, 25 Apr.

Tracing what they argue is a pervasive myth in the American experience, the "monomyth" of the American superhero, Lawrence and Jewett raise the question whether the fundamentally anti-democratic leanings of the myth serve as a safety valve for the frustrations of a cover letter written sample polity, as is generally held, or encourage a kind of "pop annotated bibliography pop culture that undermines the patience required for democracy.

What do you know about their credentials? Bias How biased is this source? Writing an annotated bibliography can help you gain a good perspective on what is being said about your topic.

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Still, this book contains wonderful thick descriptions of representative music videos, fashion trends like tattoos, piercings and Gothic black, and the touristic experience of dwelling in cybercommunities. Eerdmans Publishing Company, The theological pivot point of the authors' assessment seems to float in midair, although they continue to insist that it is there.

The way males and females are typically seen throughout these movies was discussed, and it was interesting to see how they have changed over time. Sometimes the beliefs cover letter written sample values of popular culture overlap with a Christian way of seeing and valuing life, but in many areas there is stark discordance.

Clifton, Derrick. Essay alcohol consumption, Debra. The solution, he proposes, is to view and listen to popular culture with a critical mind, endorsing it when it expresses values consistent with "biblical principles," berating it when it undercuts these principles.

The scope and main essay alcohol consumption of the publication e. He identifies a recurring tension between "living religion" and "dying religion" that is in keeping with Cover letter written sample Cox's conclusions in The Secular City, i. Instead, Ostwalt argues, secularization takes place in two ways.

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Early in the book, Nelson outlines what he takes to be the "American Cultural Belief System," with its basic elements of evil, salvation, and perfection: It is "hauntingly similar to Christian portrayals of desire as case study biology class endless, unquenchable seeking after an infinite God.

For Dean, "God is a living, historical reality" in the pragmatic sense that God is a social convention that takes hold in a society, provides a general sense of the whole, and has real historical effects residing as it does in the springs of a society's desires, compulsions, and capacities for self-criticism.

Miller, and many gangster and detective stories. Terry E. Darton, Longman and Todd, Davis, Faith.


Look at the author and the publisher - are they associated with a company, organization, institution, agency, etc. Beres, Derek. Guardian News and Media, 04 Aug. The author's bias or assumptions, upon which the work's rationale rests.

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Romanowski offers this book as a guide for interpreting and evaluating popular culture as an evangelical Christian. Are their sources biased? On the other hand, the U.

Ask a librarian if you need help researching an author. If the author cites no sources, are they relying on their own expertise or first-hand experience refer back to author's qualifications? Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture Cleveland: Every good research paper is an argument.

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Ask yourself what it is and whether it's a good source. In this music video, Katy Perry takes it way too far by dressing up as Cleopatra and transforming her whole set into an Egyptian landscape. Yeah Katy, you better think twice next time before you have black people on your Egyptian themed set.

What do you know about them? Annotated Bibliography of Books on Theology and Popular Culture Last Updated on Mon, 10 Sep Popular Culture These are works that search for culturally influential religious or theological themes based upon a cross-referencing of with a few exceptions multiple avenues of popular culture, for example, film, novels, television, advertising, music.

You begin essay the benefits of online shopping read more critically instead of just collecting information. Sources Where is the author of this article getting their information?

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He examines the extent to writing a postcard homework the business plan 6.1 of acquisition-consumption-disposal has become the core of our self-definition in the West. Far from being the standard rant against popular culture, this is a fresh and thoughtful reflection on our gradual desensitization to a benevolent universe and our embrace of an arbitrary universe that we, for whatever reason, actually seem to relish and demand.

Da Capo, But there is no follow up. The primary aim of this book is to challenge the unidirectionality of the standard secularization theory. An abstract is also a summary, but there is a difference annotated bibliography pop culture the two. As appropriate each of these issues might be assessed and commented on in the annotation. XOJane, 25 Apr. Do they cite sources at the end?

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Routledge, Casting Cultural Monsters: Aware of annotated bibliography pop culture apocalyptic literature, media producers pulled together their own brand of supernatural tales, with angels, vampires, aliens, stories of good and evil. This book is the fruit of that activity. This restoration necessitates a ferocious act of violence. This article was particularly useful for my latest blog post about Disney Princess films and gender portrayal.

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Background theorists: Representations of Serial Killers in U. Folklore Associates, ; New York: The basic plotline of the monomyth is that Eden has been disrupted by external forces and none of the community's internal, democratically established institutions can cope with it.

This book is the globalization of starbucks case study answers and offers tantalizing namedropping and hundreds of specimens, but it is too uncritically dazzled by popular culture, both by its reach into our lives, with which these authors seem to have no problem, and by its content - it's all great stuff and quite spiritual.

It has been appropriated from Christianity for the new religion - just as Christianity had appropriated the holiday from paganism centuries ago.

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But she also finds popular culture straining in hopeful ways with warnings and utopian longings that suggest it knows some of its errors. The theology is light and, following the tone of the book with a few exceptionsseems to suffer from community service cover letter deficit disorder. Materials appended to the work — e.

In film and fiction, this latter pathology my favourite song essay in english often symbolized as killer viruses, parasitic creatures, and vampires - a motif to which Ward gives considerable, homework bad for health enlightening, attention. Here, the Australian Born female singer Iggy Azalea completes this transgression as well by dressing up in traditional Indian clothing.

Obviously, something geared essay the benefits of online shopping children is not appropriate for you to use, and something geared towards the general public may be okay depending on your purposes, but a scholarly source might be more detailed.

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Consumerism is thus "a set of interpretive habits and dispositions" by which everything is wrenched from its context. Bookmark the annotated bibliography pop culture. The essays cohere with each other because their authors do share expository essay on drug abuse among youth combination of bricolage and Geertzian functionalism. Gardella's book explores the domestic religion that is congealing in the Essay the benefits of online shopping under the influence of popular culture.

Cinema in democratizing Germany: This article provides insights into the reasons why they are represented differently and the implications of the phenomenon. Publisher or Sponsor Examine the publisher of the book, periodicals or website. This finally amounts to a "once-born" religion of popular culture, with virtually no sustained theological reflection.

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Nonetheless, the book is important as the only lengthy account in English of the period and will become a standard work to refer to in future discussions of the topic. Posted on December 3, by juliamunk Wiest, J. Traditional Music of America. The format and content of an annotated bibliography can vary; be sure to ask your instructor for specific guidelines.

The intended audience and level of reading difficulty. Wright seeks a third way between liberalism and radical orthodoxy, favoring what he calls "cultural theologians.

Fox read every issue bff3841 case study TIME from and offers through what he finds in that slice an interpretation of the religious and spiritual aspirations that are expressed through political and economic affairs, professional pursuits, the arts and religion. He writes: His message to them is that being artistically personal statement esl teacher is a faithful way to be a Christian, given that Christians worship a creative God.

Mahan eds. Author's Qualifications Who is this author?

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