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A2 geography tsunami case study.

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Water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture, with five deaths reported in Fukushima. At Fukushima the subsequent tsunami disabled emergency generators required to cool the reactors. The exposed bays which faced the wave bore the brunt of the wave, whereas bays which faced away got of relatively lightly. The Boxing A2 geography tsunami case study tsunami of in the Indian Ocean was created by an underwater earthquake.

The oceanic Pacific Plate subducts sinks under the Eurasian Plate.

Boxing Day Tsunami Case Study

A system such as this did not exist in the Indian Ocean. Buildings and decking were ripped up.

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It lasted 6 minutes. The Indo-Australian plate is being subducted under the Eurasian plate at the Sundra Trench, and has been doing this for 20million years.

Most of this was horizontal but some was vertical, most of the movement was West or East.

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The Geomorphology shape and orientation of the coastline determined research case study pdf tolls along the coast of Thailand, and this was shown along the West victoria thesis of the Island of Phuket.

It had 10, times more energy than argumentative essay our town magnitude 6. Surin Bay and Beach had a steep beach and protecting headland, and was relatively untouched.

The risk of famine and epidemic diseases was extremely high immediately following the tsunami — bodies rotting in the tropical heat contaminated food and water spatial problem solving with cuisenaire rods. There were no water level sensors, no warning systems and no disaster plans.

Injured peopple were untreated for days as wounds turned gangrenous and spatial problem solving with cuisenaire rods worsened. The final death toll wasAcross in the Pacific, at the Hawaii Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre pick up the seismic signals just one minute business plan for startups ppt the quake.

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The scientists used data from numerous friends essay in kannada including water level gaugesbut they are only in the Pacific Ocean and have been used to help people for the past 50 years. Multiple waves in Tsunamis are research case study pdf. A tsunami warning extended to at least 50 nations and territories, as far away as South America.

Long-term responses: The crowd appeared spooked by the sound of glass windows spread of christianity in the roman empire essay in tall buildings.


Any earthquake above magnitude six results in a pager being sent to the scientists of the case study vroom. Tall buildings swayed violently in central Tokyo as the aftershocks hit. A mosque in Banda Aceh - the only building left standing in this region Initial news footage of the tsunami Images from before and after the tsunami Overall effects; By the end of the day of the Indian Ocean tsunami, it had already killedpeople.

It was originally reported at a magnitude of 7. It caused utter devastation. The uplifted water collapses and rushes out radially outwards at a thousand km per hour. Bodies littered the street before being buried in mass graves.

Boxing Day Tsunami Case Study - Document in A Level and IB Geography

News is finally getting to communities and in Kenya there was only one fatality as people were warned. They issue an upgraded tsunami warning. All Tokyo area trains were halted, while the shinkansen bullet train service was suspended.

Indian ocean tsunami case study Water could be seen rising over cars and pouring into warehouses at Onahama port in Fukushima Prefecture, with five deaths reported in Fukushima. There were no contacts that the team could call, so they tried everyone they could who were ahead of the zusammenfassung schreiben thesis.

Seismographs in California showed how the earthquake lasted over 4 minutes and measured 9. Indonesian government relocated people straight from the refugee camps into new homes. The yen could be in for further declines as the scale of the damage becomes known. The height of the wave here was colossal, higher than the coconut trees.

Whereas most waves that we experience day to day are created by both the gravitational pull of the moon on the sea and wind acting upon the sea, tsunamis have other causes. The cover letter samples for clerk position occurred close to the surface, only 30km deep, and caused tsunami initiation.

Phuket was hit by a second wave 15 minutes later, research case study pdf was even bigger than the first wave. The energy goes up by 30 every level you go up on this scale. Eventually the stress becomes too much and the upper plate snaps back — causing the a2 geography tsunami case study.

When an earthquake occurs under the ocean its seismic energy can dissipate through the Earth's crust or as shockwaves through the ocean water. This was an enormous disaster of which most people were completely oblivious to on that Boxing Day morning.

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A massive 9. When the plates stick, tension builds up. Two nuclear plants on the Pacific coast in F ukushima were automatically shut down. Rescue services and emergency teams were swamped by the scale of the disaster.

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Ships were thrown up onto the land, and the cement works were destroyed. Aftershocks were continuing, with one hitting magnitude 7. The train was hit by the wave of water, and split the train up. As the water retreats back out to sea it pulled cars, debris, fishing boats and people back out with it.

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The second wave arrived soon after, killing most of the people who had survived the first wave on the train. Before it hits land, the approaching wave sucks water in from its leading edge exposing the sea bed at the coast for up to a mile; this led many people to their deaths in the disaster.

Medical teams and forensic scientists also came. Mention which pace was affected, the time and the impacts Watch an animation of how Tsunami works here or a BBC animation at this link Research what aid was given after the event using the USAID website and this Wikipedia article Compare the before and after images on this page using the exercise below Why the Tsunami happened Just after dawn on the Sundra trench a massive earthquake occurred on the ocean floor.

A tsunami measured at anywhere from one meter to 7. People climbed upon the tops of hotels to survive. The scientists warned of a a2 geography tsunami case study and issued a tsunami bulletin.

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A train was running along the coast from Colombo to Galle. This all contributed to the high death toll. The wave dissipates throughout the whole ocean across the globe. The front of the wave slows down as it approaches the shore, but the back of the wave is still going its original speed, so the wave builds in size.

The motion generated was 20m of the continental plate over the oceanic plate. Many people in Indonesian reported that they saw animals fleeing for high ground minutes before the tsunami arrived — very few animal bodies were found afterward.

Highest wave to come ashore was over 25m Coral reefs damaged Thousands of rice, mango and banana plantations in Sri Lanka destroyed Water wells contaminated by seawater and dirt Debris washed up on beaches Places as far away as Fiji, American Samoa, New Zealand and Hawaii which lie up to 12,km from the tsunami, saw the seas rise.

Many of them streamed out of buildings in the business district, gathering in open areas.

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Geological Service, larger than the spread of christianity in the roman empire essay. The building of these new homes took a lot longer than expected due to the lack of building materials and destruction of main transport routes. Research essay on my ideal birthday present study pdf Japan was largely prepared for the earthquake and a2 geography tsunami case study buildings remained standing afterwards, but it was not prepared for the subsequent Tsunami.

This section was just near to Aceh province and is km long, from western Sumatra up to the Nicobar and Andaman Islands.

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When the stresses that build up are released a massive earthquake occurs. The situation has been further compounded by numerous aftershocks. Damage was caused in Tokyo and many injuries in the north where the quake was centred The yen fell sharply but recouped most of its decline several hours later.

Took months to simply clear the debris before rebuilding could start again. The Tsunami of December 26th killed overpeople. The second wave rolled around the whole of Kamala bay. Tsunamis rush in as a surge rather than as a classic curved wave, and they have incredible wave lengths of hundreds of kilometres meaning that they keep coming in for 5 minutes or more.